Round 3: Windows Live Writer, Plugin: Fail

I was advised to give Windows Live Writer (WLW) one more try, by adding a free plugin that made it easier to insert code examples.

I’ve gone to and taken a look at the Windows Live Writer extensions for inserting code examples in blogs.   I decided to try Code snippet Plugin since it had been updated recently and there were loads of positive reviews.

Here’s my three line MXML example again:

   1: <Application xmlns="">

   2:     <Label text="Hello World"/>

   3: </Application>

On the upside, inserting my code “snippet” was pretty painless.   The old fashioned line printer style presentation is nice and the JavaScript pretty-printing works fine for MXML.  On the down side, here in the editor I’m looking at a pair of scrollbars, neither of which is needed, and when I publish the code snippet the alternate line highlighting has disappeared and the extra blank lines are back.

If I switch to Live Writer’s “Preview” tab, all looks the way I’d expect, however switching back to “Edit” adds some additional gratuitous resizing to produce this (a screenshot of what I’m looking at in WLW):


The real problem here is that code I inserted at the top of the page does not look the way it does in WLW, there are extra blank lines, not unlike the ones produced by MS Word.   Since this trivial example doesn’t really work, I’d rate this approach as a failure.   It’s possible there’s a WLW code plugin out there that does the job correctly, but I’m not patient enough to find it.


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