Publishing Code: Round 2, Windows Live Writer

I’ve given up trying to use Word after some “you’re doomed” advice from another WordPress user and similar advice from no less than the WordPress FAQ.    So this time around I’m trying the latest version of Windows Live Writer.  This application is miles from Word 2007, and it pains me to give up all the fancy features and support for drawing and all the rest.   However the acid test isn’t how good the app is at picking grammatical errors, and it’s going to have to be a shame that it’s borderline ugly, just as long as I can append a snippet of code without pulling what’s left of my hair out.

Here goes.

Failure.   There’s no built in support for the <pre> tag so I’ve been reduced to entering HTML directly from within the editor’s “Source” tab. If I return to the “Edit” tab the editor attempts to improve the HTML I’ve entered in directly, which just confuses matters. If I enter text within the preformatted element from the “Edit” tab, HTML with explicit line breaks and other madness appears.

To be fair, it is possible to insert XML with the source tab, so long as I carefully escape special characters.   No doubt I could equally well insert any code sample in the same way.   Still, this isn’t just a step backwards, it’s going back decades.

<Application xmlns="">
    <Label text="Hello World"/>

There must be a way to enjoy the advantages of a modern desktop word processor without punting support for publishing those processed words in a blog.   There must.


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